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I went to a company called LAI for help on getting my credit straightened out, They never told me they were counselors and could help me get it fixed within 2 months.Well I had broken my back and have had 2 major back surgeries from an injury at work, the LAI so-called counselor told me if I paid $800.00 they could help me get a new loan so I would not lose my house and car.

Well I asked the lady if I paid it and deciced I wasn't happy with the service how long did I have she said 90 days and if they did not do what they promised I would get a refund. I waited 2 weeks and had not heard anything so I called and the lady would never take my calls. I called owner who let me know he was a lawyer, I explained I had not heard of anything being done he said it would take 4 to 6 weeks so in ^ weeks I called LAI again neither one would respond so I wrote an e-mail to cancel and give me my money. The so called owner/lawyer called and told me they were working hard on my case and I would here from him very soon, I explained I would rather just get refund and use it toward a real credit counselor he said he would check into it but that I had ninety days and I would see good results if I would just be patient.

To make a long story short I'm disabled for life, lost my home I had paid on 18 years and never did get my refund!!Just want people to know LAI is a ripoff and my stupidity took over common sense during a desperate time and that company yook advantage of a lot of people I dont know if I should go to caims court or if they just get away with doing that...

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Take them to court. They need to learn that they cannot treat people like that.

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